About the Company

The start of the production of concrete elements in the first half of 2016 was a logical continuation to the existing production of metal structures in Marsalis Group. Thus we can offer a full range of services on construction solutions.

The initial production capacity of our plant is 20,000 cubic meters of concrete per year, but we have planned a robust increase of production capacity for the near future and we set a goal to become the biggest manufacturer of concrete elements in Estonia.

Due to the possibility of the transportation of production by sea, we can easily deliver also products with complicated shape and oversized products to customers, the transportation of which by land may often prove difficult.

Our greatest advantage is the location on the territory of the former Loksa shipyard which can be reached by road as well as by sea. There is our own port in the production complex.

In addition to production companies, the companies offering transport, crane and installation services also belong to Marsalis Group. Due to this, we can provide turnkey solutions and also provide a guarantee to the whole construction process.


  • EN 13225 - Precast concrete products. Linear structural elements
  • EN 13747 - Precast concrete products. Floor plates for floor systems
  • EN 14843 - Precast concrete products. Stairs
  • EN 14991 - Precast concrete products. Foundation elements
  • EN 14992 - Precast concrete products. Wall elements