About the Company

We are dealing with production of metal structures for construction since 2008 when we launched production in Hiiu, Tallinn.

In 2016, we moved to the premises of Loksa shipyard which have a great potential for logistics and production. Our greatest advantage here is that we own a port which enables to transport oversized construction structures and construction structures with complicated shape by sea especially to the countries bordering the Nordic Sea and the Baltic Sea – and why not worldwide.

Our objective is to provide full constructive solutions starting from the design until installation. Therefore, in addition to production of metal structures for construction, we in Marsalis Group also launched the production of concrete elements in 2016. We also offer transport and crane services. Due to this we can provide a guarantee to the whole construction process and be a reliable partner.

Until now, we have constructed several public buildings, industrial facilities and apartment houses. More information about our projects can be found here. Loksa shipyard, established in 1905, is an imposingly large production complex where about 1,500 people worked in the years of prosperity. Over the years of operation, the shipyard has also been the biggest employer in Loksa. In fact, the town grew around the shipyard. Tänaseks oleme ehitanud mitmeid avalikke hooneid, tööstusrajatisi ja kortermaju, meie tehtud töödega saab tutvuda siin. 1905. aastal rajatud Loksa laevaremonditehas on aukartustäratavalt suur tootmiskompleks, kus hiilgeaegadel on töötanud umbes 1500 inimest. Läbi aegade on tegu olnud ka Loksa linna suurima tööandjaga, õigupoolest kasvaski Loksa linn ümber tehase.

In this regard, we also feel responsibility towards townspeople and wish to continue the traditions. Since we have a strong desire to be a market leader at least in Estonia and we also want to acquire a significant market position in nearby countries, it is not excluded that someday we in Loksa will achieve the production capacities in amounts similar to those when the shipyard worked at full capacity.

We can provide fast, high quality and cost-friendly services. How can it be made possible? The answer is as follows: we do not economize on materials and high-quality workforce, we have just got used to accomplish the job right away.


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001
  • EN 1090-2 EXC4
  • EN-ISO 3834-2